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iconKennedy Krieger Institute: Treatment & Education


The patient care programs at Kennedy Krieger are cutting edge, employing the latest, most effective techniques by experts considered leaders in their fields. At Kennedy Krieger, children are treated in inpatient settings, outpatient clinics and various home and community programs providing comprehensive care through both interdisciplinary or single discipline clinics.

The professionals at Kennedy Krieger represent more than a dozen different disciplines, including, but not limited to, audiology, behavioral psychology, child life therapeutic recreation, neuropsychology, nursing, nutrition, occupational and physical therapies, social work, special education and speech/language pathology.

Early identification, intervention and treatment are essential in maximizing the function of individuals with disabilities, helping to prevent major problems in adulthood and avoiding life-long costly care. Kennedy Krieger offers proven therapies and provides accurate diagnoses and treatment to minimize the impact of a disability throughout the individualís lifetime and, in turn, enabling individuals with disabilities to participate as fully as possible in home, school and community life.

School Programs

Kennedy Krieger Instituteís Department of Special Education includes a number of programs that offer services to children with disabilities in a variety of school-based, hospital-based and recreational settings. Kennedy Krieger School programs offer special education and related services in a day-school setting to students aged 6-21with a wide range of learning, emotional, physical, neurological and developmental disabilities. Special education services focus on the development of academic, social, emotional and behavioral skills through trans-disciplinary comprehensive instruction in an environment that recognizes and capitalizes on the individual strengths of each child.

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